The Phantom (Frew) regular series 2021

Issue #1885

Price: Euro 10
116 pages – In stock

Story: (Replica edition)
Diana Aviatrix Lost – Falk/Moore
Tale of Devil – Falk/McCoy
Diana and the Bank Robbers – Falk/McCoy
The Prisoner of the Himalaya – Falk/Moore

Issue #1884 – Annual

Price: Euro 17.2 – Annual
244 pages – In stock

Story: Lee Falk – Art: Sy Barry
The Mysterious Ambassador
The Mysterious Passenger
The Attilan Mystery
The Moxley Awards
The Plotters
Tiger, Tiger
Frew #1883

Price: Euro 4.2
36 pages full color – In stock

The Poor People’s Plague – Phantom by Gaslight
Story/Art: Jason Paulos
The Phantom Crusader – Phantom by Gaslight
Story: Andrew Constant
Art: Jason Paulos